You need tankless water heater repair in Newburgh, NY, when your water heater shows signs of any damage. Although uncommon, problems can arise when something is up with your tankless water heater or when the unit is not correctly installed. One thing to keep an eye out for with your water is mineral buildup. Hard water is water that’s high in mineral content, such as magnesium and calcium. They can cause scaly buildup and can affect the performance of your tankless water heater. It’s crucial that you contact us at the soonest possible time so we can address the problem.

If you upgraded from a conventional heater to the tankless version, inspecting the water filter is essential as your unit needs more care for a longer lifespan. To avoid problems, flush the water heater every six months or install a water softener to help slow the mineral buildup. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime so we can help you address any issues with your tankless water heater. We also can provide you with a new tankless water heater installation.

Our team also repairs and installs tankless water heaters in: