Change your entire washroom experience with a new toilet installation in Fishkill, NY. If you live in an older home or have an older toilet, switching to a new one can increase your overall comfort of living. Older toilets tend to use a lot more energy and water and also tend to be louder. Newer models have unique features, like built-in bidets or more comfortable seating.

There are many different types of toilets to choose from. When looking for a toilet replacement in Fishkill, consider upgrading to a double cyclone flush. These toilets are the latest option on the market and give you two flush options. Liquid waste require less water per flush. Other popular types of toilets include pressure-assisted toilets, gravity-flush toilets and even waterless “dry sanitation” toilets. Other than the type, it’s important to also consider the aesthetics of the toilet and how well it blends with the overall style of the washroom. We can have the process of installing a new toilet done in no time!