Spring is when you probably take the time to refresh your home after a long winter. You might do a deep cleaning, organize your cabinets, or give away winter clothes you no longer need. It is also the ideal season to prepare your air conditioning system for the summer.

Cleaning your air conditioning system this spring ensures that it functions at its best when the heat starts to rise. Neglecting regular maintenance can cause your air conditioner to malfunction, making it less efficient, more expensive to operate, and ineffective in keeping your entire home cool.

Here are four steps for spring cleaning your air conditioning system this season.

1. Schedule a Professional Inspection and Maintenance Appointment

The first step to spring clean your air conditioning system is to have a professional inspection and maintenance appointment with a trusted HVAC company. It would be best if you did it as early in the season as possible so that you have time to prepare your unit before the summer heat arrives.

Industry experts have the necessary tools to properly diagnose and service anything your air conditioning system may be experiencing. An experienced professional will do a comprehensive assessment of all of your HVAC components, including the ductwork, thermostat, coils, and other parts. The inspection also includes a thorough check for any leaks or other inefficiencies the system may have.

Working with a trusted HVAC company that performs comprehensive inspections gives you options to upgrade your system’s features if recommended. It is a great way to access the most advanced technology in the industry so that you can benefit from energy efficiency and lower costs.

2. Change the Filter

An important component of your AC system is the air filter. It is responsible for maintaining your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). The filter also helps keep the system clean and running well. Using an advanced filter such as a HEPA guarantees you the most protection for your health and your home.

Filters clean the air throughout your home by trapping mold spores, dirt, dust, pollen, debris, and other airborne contaminants. Industry experts suggest changing your filter every 90 days. However, the frequency depends on the specific instructions the manufacturer of your system provides and your particular environment. If you have pets or smokers in the home, you’ll want to change the filter more often.

If the filter is not changed, it decreases the airflow and makes your system work harder. This leads to increased energy costs and puts undue stress on the system. Also, a dirty filter leads to poorer indoor air quality.

3. Clean the Condenser

When you schedule an HVAC inspection and maintenance appointment, one of the tasks performed is cleaning the system’s condenser. The condenser is usually located outside of your home. It is the large boxy component that is responsible for expelling hot absorbed air from your home’s interior and blowing it outside. As time passes, the condenser accumulates dirt and debris.

To clean the condenser, the system’s motor must be removed to access the coil and fan. The coil must be thoroughly cleaned as it often acquires an accumulation of leaves, grass, dust, and dirt.

A soft cloth will be used to carefully remove all debris from the coil. Your HVAC professional may also use a special condenser coil cleaner. It is not recommended to use water because it creates mud that can clog the system.

Additionally, cleaning your condenser also prevents breakdowns and malfunctions. If your condenser becomes extremely clogged, your system runs the risk of overheating. This can be an expensive repair that can be avoided with regular maintenance.

4. Receive a Professional Cleaning of Your Ductwork

Your ductwork is a vital component of your HVAC system. It is a series of pathways that run throughout your home inside the walls, ceilings, and other interior structures. When your ductwork becomes dirty or has damage, it causes your air conditioning unit to become less energy efficient and not operate optimally.

If the ductwork is damaged, it could leak cool air where it is not intended to go. This can cause an uneven indoor temperature inside your home and will likely your utility bills to increase. Cracked and damaged ductwork can also let dirt, dust, and debris into the ductwork. It can also allow moisture in, which can lead to mold growth.

Ductwork with mold or bacteria or accumulated dust, dirt, or debris will allow airborne contaminants through the vents and into your home. This can cause an array of symptoms including congestion, allergies, and other respiratory conditions. It may also cause other serious health issues if not properly maintained.

Dirty ductwork can also lead to premature wear and tear on the various components of your cooling system. This can lead to expensive repairs or shorten the lifespan of the system.

The ductwork must be fully inspected for damage and repaired immediately. It also needs to be cleaned from accumulated debris, dirt, animal waste, mold growth, and other contaminants. You should schedule a professional cleaning of your ductwork at least once a year to ensure it stays clean and intact.

An HVAC professional may also use a video camera or other industry tools to thoroughly inspect your ductwork. The right tools and expertise are necessary because you cannot guess the condition of the ductwork that runs through your home, it must be properly inspected.

Choose a Trusted HVAC Company in Newburgh and Surrounding Areas

As you can see, spring cleaning your air conditioning system is essential in ensuring your home’s indoor comfort and energy efficiency. The work is best performed by a professional HVAC company, so schedule an appointment early in the season. By ensuring these four essential steps are taken this spring, you can expect your air conditioning system to provide excellent performance in the hottest months of the year.

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We know what your air conditioning system needs this spring to get it ready for the hot summer months ahead. During a comprehensive inspection, we will discover the condition of your air conditioning system and address all issues. Our goal is to carefully inspect all components and do the necessary maintenance and repairs to provide optimum performance and the highest energy efficiency.

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