At Polar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we have seen many drain issues over the years, most of which are avoidable through regular drain cleaning. This is why we aim to offer customers the best drain cleaning services in Newburgh, NY, and the surrounding area.

Drain cleaning is an important service that clears out the buildup of debris or other matter that can diminish the performance of your pipes, allowing wastewater to flow freely. We have seen the many benefits of regular drain cleaning firsthand and are happy to review them.

Drain Cleaning Benefits

Here are some drain cleaning benefits:

Eliminating Slow Drains and Clogs

Debris, mineral deposits, waste, and other types of obstructions can build up along pipe walls over time, reducing water flow. The initial result of this reduction will be a slow drain. If left to get worse, eventually, you wind up with a clogged line. A completely clogged pipe can lead to even more significant problems, such as backups and overflows. In the most severe cases, you can even wind up with flooding.

One significant benefit of drain cleaning is that it removes obstructions, allowing water to flow freely.

Doing Away With Foul Odors

Have you ever thought about all the things that go down your drain? Soap scum, hair, dead skin, and other matter go down your bathtub drain. Dirt, grime, and everything you get from your hands wash down your bathroom sink drain. We do not need to explain what flushes in your toilet. All of this can build up, and there are few things fouler smelling than a buildup of waste in your plumbing. It can get so intense as to permeate throughout your household. Regular drain cleaning can help prevent and eliminate clogging so that the smell of sitting waste does not take over your home.

Silencing Noisy Pipes

If there is a disruption in your water flow, it can be audible through your pipe system. Your pipes’ squeaking and cracking sounds can be heard through your walls. Regular drain cleaning opens up your pipes, reducing the pressure in your lines and causing annoying sounds.

Extending the Life of Your Pipes

Pipe and drain systems that are regularly maintained tend to last longer, which means avoiding the pricey expense of re-piping and maintaining your property value.

Saving Money

Plumbing systems that are poorly maintained can lead to corroded pipes. Corrosion can potentially result in leaks and higher water bills. Regular drain cleaning prevents you from encountering such scenarios. It also allows your plumber to identify potential problem areas that could rear their head down the line. Listening to your plumber’s advice can provide you with the opportunity to do some preventative maintenance instead of shouldering the cost of a repair.

One of the main reasons that people often avoid having their drains professionally cleaned is that there is a cost to it. What is not usually considered is that regular drain cleaning is much cheaper than addressing water damage or bad drains. A significant clog can lead to a water leak, and the only way to address a pipe with extensive leakage is to dig it up. Such a procedure is not only inconvenient but comparatively costly.

Protecting Your Floors and Walls

When overflowing from a toilet or sink, it goes from where it should be onto your walls and floor. These areas were not designed to accommodate that much moisture, and you could be stuck with significant water damage. The wastewater can cause further problems by working its way under tile and eroding the wallpaper and plaster. Aside from the immediate concerns, mold growth can develop, leading to a loss in structural integrity. If a clog remains, you must deal with this issue repeatedly. Thankfully, having your drains cleaned does away with such concerns.

Improving Health

Slow or clogged drains are ideal breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Even worse, without water to flush them out, they will simply continue to grow. These bacteria and mold can have serious ramifications for your health and that of your loved ones. They can lead to a number of illnesses, infections, and other issues. Some of these molds can even cause significant respiratory problems. Recurring drain cleaning prevents such exposure and helps to keep you and your family safe.

Two Drain Cleaning Methods

Here is how we usually clear your drain and pipes:

Drain Snaking

One of the most common ways to clean a drain is with a drain snake. It is also often called a plumber’s snake or an auger. Drain snaking involves using an auger with a lengthy cord at the end. It turns by either an electric motor or a hand crank and penetrates through any clogs, preventing proper water flow in a pipe. Drain snakes were plumbers’ primary method of choice for many years, and they still work great in many situations.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a drain-cleaning technique that has gained popularity over the last several years. It’s a more modern approach to drain cleaning involving highly pressurized water to blast waste from pipes. In many situations, it can be considered superior to snaking since it can remove more debris from a pipe’s walls, making pipes cleaner and less likely to clog in the future.

Both methods are friendlier because they do not utilize harsh chemicals to clean out your pipes. Harmful over-the-counter drain cleaning chemicals can cause more harm than relief. They can corrode your water lines because it can take a few flushes or a handful of hand washing and water running down the drain to get them out of your plumbing system fully. They can also attach to other debris and soap and stay in your pipes for an extended period, leading to pipe corrosion.

Ahead of either of these methods, your plumbing technician will typically do a filament camera inspection so that the problem areas can be pinpointed and the condition of your pipes can be seen. If your pipes are older and corroded, they may not be able to withstand the water pressure of hydro jetting. In these cases, they will opt for the traditional drain snake method. If your pipes benefit from a thorough cleaning and can handle the water pressure, then your plumber will often opt to use hydro jetting.

Your Newburgh Drain Cleaning Experts

Our team is here if you are in Newburgh and want to experience all the benefits of regular drain cleaning. Our leading-edge technology finds every clog that is present in your drain. Once the clogs have been removed, we thoroughly test your drains and clean up. Our award-winning company has a reputation for being a plumbing expert. On top of our exemplary customer service, we pride ourselves on our full transparency in our pricing and our work for you.

Our services don’t stop at plumbing either. We would love to be your go-to for all your heating and cooling needs. Our services in these categories include everything from repairs to installations of all heating and cooling systems. If you are ready to get your drains in tip-top shape, give Polar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning a call today.

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