A heat pump is one of the most innovative heating and cooling systems to hit the market in quite some time. It’s a system that has proven to be quite popular with Nevada residents for a variety of reasons, including energy efficiency and ease of operation. Just like any system, however, it does require maintenance.

Here are some important reasons why you should make sure to have your heat pump serviced this fall:

Maintaining the Warranty

One of the most important reasons for having your heat pump serviced this fall is that it’s necessary for maintaining its warranty. Without regular maintenance, or the warranty could be voided. Having a licensed technician service your heat pump this fall helps to ensure that things covered by your warranty don’t wind up paid for out-of-pocket due to system neglect.


Your heat pump system needs to be serviced in order to maintain its efficiency. Getting it serviced this fall helps to ensure that it’s working at its best for you heading into the winter months.

Avoiding Repairs During the Winter

If you do not get your heat pump serviced during the fall, you will have no idea if everything is working as it is supposed to. There could be a minor issue that you are not noticing that could wind up being a big problem that requires a major repair during the winter. This could leave you and your loved ones without heat during a cold time of the year.

Stress on Components

With a heat pump, you have the same components doing the work whether keeping you warm or cool, so ideally you’d have the system checked twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. The refrigerant, reversing and expansion valves, coils, and all other components have just been going all summer to keep you cool, so they should be checked out before they are put back to heavy work heating you through the winter.

Less Busy Period for Technicians

Having your heat pump serviced during the fall is an ideal time because it is traditionally a less busy time of the year for HVAC technicians. This is because, during the summer or winter, many customers have to schedule emergency services with HVAC companies due to system breakdowns. By getting your heat pump serviced in the fall, you don’t have to deal with the difficulty of trying to book a service appointment. A fall appointment also helps make sure that a technician has the appropriate amount of time to thoroughly check your system for any current issues or red flags that could lead to future ones. This is because there is a lesser likelihood of rushing through the work between the emergencies of other customers.

Your Energy Bill

It’s likely that you chose a heat pump as your heating and cooling system for its energy efficiency and lower cost of operation. To be able to keep lower energy bills by using a heat pump, however, you need to have it regularly serviced. Having a technician service your heat pump this fall helps to make sure that your energy bills stay as low as they can be, especially during a heavy-use period like the winter.

What Happens During Your Fall Heat Pump Service Appointment?

During your fall heat pump service appointment, a technician will perform various inspections to verify and ensure that your system is prepared for the coming season. After everything has been checked, you are provided with a report detailing any findings and recommendations. Upon approval, any necessary adjustments and repairs will then be conducted.

Here are the main steps involved in a fall heat pump service appointment.

Cleaning and Inspection

One of the very first things that a technician will do during a service appointment is inspect the unit for any visible signs of wear or damage. This includes looking for any cracks in the housing or loose connections. The service technician will also clean both the inside and outside of the unit, carefully removing any debris, dirt, or dust that could hinder its proper operation.

Inspect Refrigerant Levels

During your maintenance appointment, the technician will make sure that the refrigerant is at the appropriate level. A low level of refrigerant could point to there being a leak, so the serviceperson will also run tests for leaks and plan for repairs if needed.

Inspection of Coils

As part of your appointment, the technician will take a look at the evaporator and condenser coils. They will be looking for any signs of corrosion or damage. It is important to make sure that these coils are in good working condition, as they are what are used for the transfer of heat in the system.

Lubrication of Motors

There are numerous motors that perform a variety of tasks in your heat pump system. Each of these requires lubrication in order to function without issue. Part of your service appointment will involve the technician making sure that all parts that require lubrication are prepared for the winter.

Checking the Belts

Some heat pumps require belts for their operation. These can crack, become worn, or simply break altogether over time. This can severely compromise the ability of your heat pump to function. During your fall heat pump service, the technician will check all of the belts. The HVAC professional will also make sure that the belts are tightened if necessary.

Service of the Electrical Components

Your service person will also check all of the electrical components to make sure that they are in good working order and that the electrical terminals are clean and tightened.

Confirming Safe Operation

After all components have been cleaned and tested, the technician will run a test operation of the system. They will also make sure, for your safety, that all of the controls and safety switches are operating as they should.

Checking the Airflow

While running the test operation of the system, the technician will go to various areas of the home to confirm that there is proper airflow. They will check all vents, ductwork, and filters.

Thermostat Communication

Lastly, your technician will make sure that your thermostat is properly communicating with your heat pump system. Proper communication between your thermostat and the system is necessary for you to be able to adequately heat or cool your home. If an issue with communication between the thermostat and the unit is detected, the service person will check all of your connections and, if needed, reprogram the thermostat.

Speak to a Professional About Having Your Heat Pump Serviced This Fall

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